Thermal paste & grease

Thermal pastes and greases ensure efficient heat transfer


Thermal pastes enable complete heat transfer between heat sources (component, CPU, GPU, etc.) and heatsinks (or chassis) by replacing the air in the gaps between assemblies. Pastes are actually more flexible than thermal interfaces and flow more easily. Without these thermal interface materials, heat transfer is very quickly limited and the component risks overheating or even destruction.


Compelma is the French representative of Fujipoly, a Japanese manufacturer of thermal interfaces. We work with this manufacturer for the quality and performance of its products. We then cut them to order.

We can dispense thermal paste using a dispensing machine directly into the equipment or deliver the paste in syringes.


Thermal pastes, Key points :


  • Wide choice of materials

  • Thermal conductivity up to more than 10W/m.K (silicone-based)

  • Very low mechanical stress

  • Easy to apply thanks to syringe packaging

  • Possibility of automatic dispensing (we also offer this service)

    Wide catalogue of standard materials available. We can help you choose the most suitable material on a case-by-case basis.

    Samples on request.




Thermal paste is used on projects requiring high performance thermal conductivity (telecoms, military, medical).

This high-performance paste is used to interface between CPUs, GPUs, processors and heat sinks.

Compelma supplies the paste in syringes or as a deposit on foundries or PCB components.

The thermal paste is applied directly to foundries or PCBs requiring thermal drainage. The paste is applied using 3-axis numerical control technology, which enables the thickness of the deposit to be adapted to suit the topography of the equipment.

Syringe application is ideally suited to overclocking configurations to ensure the best performance with high thermal conductivity.

Fujipoly thermal pastes catalogue


Below are the thermal pastes we use most on our various projects.
For the full Fujipoly catalogue, click on the button.
The catalogue also contains all compression curves, thermal conductivity, hardness, etc.

Alternative materials on request.



Thermal conductivity : 5,0W/m.K

Operating temp.(°C)

-40°C to +150°C



Thermal conductivity  : 3,1W/m.K

Operating temp.(°C)

-40°C to +150°C



Thermal conductivity : 2,1W/m.K

Operating temp.(°C)

-40°C to +150°C