A’venue international


From tailor-made treasure hunts for team building that immerse you in Luxembourg of the 1920s, to incentive trips in Lapland for dog sledding adventures.

Essential for the development of any business, this event takes the form of fun, sports, or creative activities that strengthen team cohesion, reveal talents and personalities, foster closer relationships among team members or across departments, and improve communication and overall work ambiance.

Whether within your company premises or at an external location, in nature or abroad, we offer you a personalized and tailor-made event that aligns with your expectations and needs! We carefully plan your day or weekend to achieve the objective you aim to accomplish.


  • DIY & Sustainable Workshops
  • Culinary Team Building
  • Nature-based Team Building
  • Pedestrian Rally or Car Rally
  • Sports-based Team Building
  • Wine or Farm Challenges
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Musical or Creative Team Building
Avenue International

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