Saint Nicholas

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During the holiday season, we have Saint Nicholas, Christmas parties, and the Christmas tree, which are highly anticipated events for both children and adults. Just like us, who take immense pleasure in nurturing children’s imagination through our enchanting universes such as pirates, dinosaurs, the wizarding world, adventurers, superheroes, and many more!

Our creativity and imagination overflow during this time of year!

Beyond the traditional celebration with the appearance of Saint Nicholas, we can also offer you various themes to immerse children and parents in surprising universes, thanks to our highly realistic decorations.

All of this is accompanied by activities tailored to the theme, such as badge workshops, crafts, or colouring, a photo shoot with Saint Nicholas, and the distribution of small gifts. All of this, supported by monitors always ready to transform into clowns, superheroes, pirates, or wizards to entertain and immerse you in this ephemeral world!

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