EMC shielding on board: Hoods, belts and clips

Covers, belts and clips for shielding and EMC insulation on electronic boards

On-board EMC shielding covers isolate electronic components from external interference. They can be cut to size and folded to fit perfectly into your assembly. These shields can be packaged in reels or trays for automatic installation (SMD).

They consist either of a single cover (soldered to the board), or a belt or clips on the PCB holding the cover in place and allowing maintenance.

We can also manufacture all types of thin sheet metal parts for specific shielding or connection projects.

EMC shielding covers

EMC shielding covers are used to isolate sensitive components on electronic boards.

They can be custom-designed to fit neatly onto PCBs. Shielding covers can be totally enclosed or partially open, soldered directly to PCBs or assembled on a belt or clips.

Prototypes can be produced right up to series production (in tray or reel form).

EMC shielding belts

EMC shielding belts are used to isolate sensitive components on PCBs. They can be multi-cavity to isolate several zones with a single belt. These EMC components are soldered directly to the PCB.

The EMC shielding belts are made by cutting and bending, which allows a wide range of design possibilities.

They can be supplied in trays or reels for mass production.

Shielding clips on card

SMD clips can be used to assemble a shielding cover on an electronic board without using a shielding belt (which takes up more space).

These components are available on reels for automatic installation (SMD).

These EMC shielding clips are also used for grounding small wires on PCBs.

Fine tolerancing for EMC shielding

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We are able to work with fine sheet metal to offer you made-to-measure armour and connectors.