Elastomer connectors (or zebra connectors)

Elastomer connectors provide high connection density


Elastomeric connectors provide high-density connections. They can be made from either beryllium copper wire or conductive silicone (carbon).

These connectors are integrated into electronic assemblies using holsters to control compression. They have excellent resistance to shocks and vibratory environments. No soldering or screwing is required.

We can customise these parts to your specifications.

Elsatomeric connectors, Key points :

  • High connection density (pitch <0.1mm)

  • Good resistance to vibration and shock

  • No soldering required

  • Cost-effective interconnection solution

    Connector pitches are standard. They are then custom-made (to size) to fit into your electronic assembly.

    Prototypes and samples on request.




The elastomer connector press-fits your electronic assemblies (board-to-board, display, component, microphone, BGA-type matrix component or other on PCB).

We offer design assistance in choosing the type of connector, pitch, dimensions, insulation, etc.

We also offer test supports for your electronic components and boards.

We also supply ribbon cables to suit your design and requirements.