Engineering and Manufacturing of components for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) & Thermal Management.

We supply passive components standards and customs, from prototyping to mass production to the main industrial actors.

We provide all passive components to solve and mastering your Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) on all of your projects.

Each of our component and technology can be customised for a seamless integration on your project.


All our components to master thermal management on your electronic projects. Each of these technologies can be declined to perfectly reach your specifications and requirements.


They trust us


Compelma is a main actor in providing standard and custom passive components for EMI and Thermal management for electronic projects.

We are working with the biggest industrial actors since more than 30 years. We are nowadays providing parts in more than 27 countries over the world.

With 90% of our solutions tailor-made and the highest norms accreditation we are fully involved in providing the most efficient, reliable and cost efficient products for your projects.

Our main value are reactivity, Innovation and Partnership. They are integrated on all of our projects and guarantee a high quality prestation.

Compelma International

International Network

 Our longterm partnerships with suppliers and carriers all over the world are a main asset to deliver quickly the best parts for your projects.

60% of our turnover is done internationally.

Tools and simulation

Our tooling is adapted to make parts from prototyping to mass production.
Our expertise is an asset to provide the most efficient solution based on our experience.
Over 80% of our products are tailor made.

Compelma Groupe ICE

 Groupe ICE


Member of the ICE Groupe since 2006, a federation of 22 industrial companies working together.

ICE Groupe gather 1200 employees and is making over 120M€ of turnover.


Multi-sector Expertise




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